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Landscaping Services

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Turn Your Outdoor Space Into A Stunning And Functional Retreat

With our expert landscaping services

Azalea Landscaping is a local landscaping company in Ottawa that is dedicated to providing exceptional landscaping services to homeowners. Our team of experienced professionals has the expertise and knowledge to turn your outdoor space into a beautiful oasis.

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Our Services

We offer a wide range of landscaping services, including lawn maintenance, garden design, asphalt paving, interlock installations and repairs, hardscaping, and more. So, whether you need a complete landscape overhaul or just a simple garden renovation, we are here to help.

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Your asphalt driveway has a significant impact on your property's curb appeal, which is why your surface must always be in prime condition. From driveway sealing to resurfacing, our professional team does it all.

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Interlocking offers the flexibility, aesthetics, & durability you won't have with other driveway systems. With concrete & asphalt extreme temperature changes can lead to costly repairs.  

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We provide full and partial seasonal maintenance to guarantee a healthy, good-looking lawn. Additionally, we offer all types of interlock repairs so you can get a brand new patio at half the cost of replacing it!

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Our process


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Site Inspection and Excavation Planning

First, we will conduct a thorough site inspection to determine the scope of the project, the area to be excavated, and any potential obstacles or challenges. Once the inspection is complete, our team will plan the excavation process, including the equipment and manpower needed and any permits or permissions required. This step will also involve clearing the area of any debris, rocks, and plants.

Base Preparation

The second step involves preparing the base for the interlock installation. This involves installing a geotextile fabric layer to prevent weeds and maintain stability and pouring a layer of crushed stone or gravel to serve as a base for the interlock. Our team will then compact the base with a plate compactor or vibrating roller to ensure stability. This step is crucial for ensuring that the interlocking stones have a stable foundation to sit on.

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Interlock Installation

The final step involves installing the interlocking stones in the desired pattern, starting from one corner of the area. Our team will use a rubber mallet and a level to ensure that each stone is level and properly positioned. They will then fill the joints between the stones with sand and use a plate compactor to ensure a solid interlock.

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Fine Grading

The third step involves creating a smooth and level surface before the installation of interlocking stones. Our team will use a laser level or manual methods to achieve the desired level of accuracy and smooth out the surface with a rake or grading blade, removing any bumps or high spots. We will also remove any large rocks or other obstacles that could interfere with the overall aesthetic or function of the outdoor space.

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